About Us

Louisiana Health Cooperative, Inc. (LAHC) is a non-profit, member-governed health insurance company that provides health insurance to the people of Louisiana.

LAHC was established September 2012. We are endorsed by a coalition of health care providers and business leaders, who believe that providing better access to high quality care at an affordable price will improve patients' outcomes. In 2013, LAHC received accreditation by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Review Oversight Committee.

LAHC is focused and committed to constantly improving the quality of our customer service and healthcare products.

We reinvest profits back into LAHC in an effort to enhance benefits, or keep premiums as low as possible, while offering access to quality healthcare.

Important Dates:

November 1, 2015
 - Open enrollment begins 

January 1, 2016
 - Coverage begins for members enrolled in a health insurance 

What are health CO-OPs?

CO-OPs, like LAHC , are non-profit, member-governed health insurance companies with a focus on developing programs intended to improve the quality of health care delivered to members, such as:
  • preventive programs offered with early health screenings;
  • focusing on health outcomes based on sound clinical evidence;
  • ongoing measurement and comparison of performance to clinical quality standards;
  • a comprehensive medical network;
  • coordinated care programs;
  • opportunities for members to participate in their care.

Will my doctor and community hospital participate in LAHC's network?

LAHC has contracted physicians and hospitals in markets throughout Louisiana to serve as participating providers for the health plan. LAHC partners with providers that share in its mission of promoting community health and well-being and providing high-quality health care services.



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